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Fusion Adapter for HengLong TK-6.x Battle Unit

UVP 24,99

Adapter for HengLong® TK-6.x models with battle option. So this battle option can be used with ElMod Fusion central units to fight infrared battles between models equipped with a Tamiya® compatible battle system.

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The adapter set for the HengLong® TK-6.x Battle Unit makes it possible to attach and to use the HengLong® TK-6.x Battle Unit with a supported ElMod central unit. It provides the capability to hold battle contests between models equipped with an ElMod® battle system or a Tamiya® compatible Battle Unit.


A vehilce equipped with a ElMod Fusion central unit and a HengLong® TK-6.x Battle Unit (mushroom, transmitter and cables)

Scope of delivery

Adapter cable and LED ring for hit indication