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Volume Control Unit

UVP 24,99

Additional electronics to control the volume of the sound output with the radio. For ElMod Fusion ECO and ElMod 3to (Fusion PRO and Fusion Puma have this functionality already integrated).

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This product allows you to control the volume of the ElMod Fusion ECO and the ElMod 3to via a free channel on the RC radio.

Scope of delivery

Ready to use board


  • ElMod Fusion ECO or ElMod 3to.
  • One free proportional channel (rotary or slide control, no toggle switch) at the transmitter and receiver.


With the Volume Control Unit the volume of the sound output can be controlled via the radio. It replaces the mechanical knob that comes with the central unit. The radio system must have a free proportional channel, which is equipped with a rotary or slide control on the transmitter side.
The module is connected in just a few steps: The two cables, which are protected against reverse polarity, are connected to the receiver and the sound module respectively. The module is then immediately ready for use and does not require any further work.