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ElMod App

The ElMod App is a tool to configure most ElMod central units via USB on a Mac® or a Windows® PC (with ElMod Bluetooth® adapter also Android® devices (only Fusion central units)).
In addition, the ElMod app can be used to control the vehicle. This makes the purchase of a radio system unnecessary. Finally, an update of the software of the central unit is done via this program.

Compatibility list

ElMod FusionX
ElMod 4WD
ElMod M16 V2

Discontinued products:
ElMod Fusion ECO/PRO/Puma (Firmware 2.00 and newer)
ElMod 3to
Tank Module ECO/PRO (Firmware 2.00 and newer)
ElMod Blaster IV (Firmware 2.00 and newer)

All not listed products can be parameterized with the ElMod Configurator.

ElMod App for Windows®
Installation files for Microsoft® Windows® 10/11 (32/64 bit).

ElMod App for MacOS®
Signed and notarized DMG-image for Apple® MacOS® (10.11 and newer).

ElMod App for Android®
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ElMod Configurator

Predecessors of the ElMod App for older products that are not listed in the compatibility list above. This software is no longer under development!

ElMod Configurator for Windows®
Installation file for Microsoft® Windows® 7/10 (32/64 bit).
– The installation file contains the required drivers.
– A Java installation is required for operation.
– The program must be executed with administrator rights.

ElMod Configurator for MacOS®
Signed DMG image for Apple® MacOS® (For MacOS up to 10.14 Mojave. MacOS 10.15 Catalina and higher is not supported!).
Note: A driver is included in the image and must be installed separately.