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  • Holidays from 17th May to 3rd June (17.05.2024)

    We are in holidays from 17th May to 3rd June

  • Connection of the 2-axis stabilization TK-SWB to FusionX (28.03.2024)

    The knowledge base now contains instructions on how to use the TK-SWB 2-axis pipe stabilizer with ElMod FusionX.

  • ElMod App in French language (12.08.2023)

    The ElMod App (for Windows and MacOS) is also now translated into French. Many thanks to Dominique!

  • New FAQ concerning the battery in the knowledge base (02.08.2023)

    A FAQ about the battery can now be found in the knowledge base.

  • FusionX firmware update 1.07c (20.07.2023)

    Fixed a bug where the Taigen servo recoil control board (old version with a single servo for the gun recoil, not with two servos and gun smoke) was not activated correctly.

  • Hollidays from 28 July to 1 September (20.07.2023)

    We are on vacation from July 28 to September 1. For urgent questions during this period, please contact the support of your ElMod dealer.

  • FusionX firmware update 1.07b (09.06.2023)

    Battle: After the reload is complete, the LED on the sensor bulb no longer lights up (compatibility adjusted to Tamiya-BU).

  • Fusion ECO/PRO firmware update 2.06c (09.06.2023)

    Battle: After the reload is complete, the LED on the sensor bulb no longer lights up (compatibility adjusted to Tamiya-BU).

  • How to: Torro M16 Modell 2023 with ElMod M16 V2 (16.03.2023)

    A short contribution in the Knowledge Base describes how to connect the ElMod M16 V2 to the Torro M16 Halftrack Model 2023..

  • FusionX supports the Weapon Station FLW 200 (12.01.2023)

    The firmware 1.07 for ElMod FusionX introduces a native support for the Weapon Station FLW 200 for the Leopard 2 tank. An ElMod FX Expander drives the servo motors of the weapon station (MG elevation and rotation of the weapon station) and the muzzle flash of the new MG. A new user function determines whether the main turret or the weapon station is controlled by the left joystick on the radio. A Contribution in our Knowledge Base describes the installation, the configuration and the control of the weapon station.

  • FusionX firmware update 1.07 (12.01.2023)

    Support for the Weapon Station FLW 200

  • Fusion ECO/PRO firmware update 2.06b (18.10.2022)

    Battle: invulnerability duration after hit corrected (now approx. 1.5 seconds)

  • FusionX firmware update 1.06b (17.06.2022)

    Battle: invulnerability duration after hit corrected (now approx. 1.5 seconds)

  • FusionX firmware update 1.06 (30.05.2022)

    -Sound generation during braking changed. The braking sound is better accentuated and is also played during the spinturn (thanks to madmike69).

    -Function test of the SD card improved

  • Fusion ECO/PRO firmware update 2.06 (30.05.2022)

    Sound generation during braking changed. The braking sound is better accentuated and is also played during the spinturn (thanks to madmike69).

  • FusionX firmware update 1.05c (19.04.2022)

    – Added support for AA guns (this was missing in 1.05)
    – Fixed bug where chassis recoil is not executed on some models
    – Parameter “Flash and sound delay” now also delays a recoil servo. This makes a servo gun recoil on air gun tanks synchronous with sound and bullet firing.

  • FusionX firmware update 1.05 (06.04.2022)
    • Support for FusionX Rev.C
    • Control of the turret components has been revised. The configuration is now easier and more intuitive. The instructions in the knowledge base for different turret variants has been adapted.
    • Reloading sound can be enabled or disabled

  • New articles in the knowledge base (06.04.2022)

    The knowledge base has been expanded:

    – A post about the differences between the hardware versions of ElMod FusionX.

    Help for setting driving parameters.

    Servos: Connection and configuration

  • Launch: ElMod FX Gun Smoke (06.04.2022)

    ElMod FX Gun Smoke is placed between the flash connector of an ElMod central unit and a smoke generator for gun smoke, consists of heater and pump. The board is compatible with smoke generators from Taigen and HengLong and eliminates the need for additional electronics.

  • Launch: ElMod FusionX Rev.C (06.04.2022)

    ElMod FusionX is now available in a slightly redesigned version. The main change resulted after an intensive optimization of the PCB: the new FusionX now features a servo connector. This “mirrors” the servo connector 1 of the FX Expander and has all its functions and configuration options. The servo connector is strong enough for a micro servo (9 gram class).

    Apart from that, the configuration of the turret components has been revised and simplified.

    The dimensions and price remain unchanged.

  • FusionX firmware update 1.04h (25.03.2022)

    A bug in the control of the overlay gearbox has been fixed.

  • Knowledge base update: “Connection of the turret components” updated (17.03.2022)
  • Fusion ECO/PRO firmware update 2.05h (19.02.2022)

    Bugfix: Chassis recoil with external motor drivers is now executed correctly

  • Fusion ECO/PRO firmware update 2.05g (14.02.2022)

    Bugfix: HengLong Air Soft firing mechanic no longer triggers twice before stopping under certain circumstances.

  • FusionX firmware update 1.04f (14.02.2022)
    • Bugfix: If German is selected for announcements, user sounds are now played correctly
    • Bugfix: recoil contact is now debounced by software
    • Bugfix: The warning blinker is no longer activated during braking
    • Bugfix: When using an SBus receiver, triggering functions on the upper channels no longer leads to a lost connection
  • Knowledge base update: Connecting the Turret Components (14.02.2022)

    An update in the knowledge base: how to correctly connect the turret components of the different tank types to FusionX? This guide now includes the following variants:
    – Heng Long TK6.x with Air Soft
    – Taigen 320° motor driven turret mechanics
    – Taigen 360° motor driven turret mechanics
    – Taigen 360° servo turret with barrel smoke
    – Taigen 360° motor driven turret mechanics with with barrel smoke
    – Tamiya

  • ElMod FX Taigen Adapter (25.01.2022)

    From now on another adapter for the ElMod FusionX is available. The ElMod FX Taigen is designed for Taigen tanks with 360° turret and standard mechanics, which have been upgraded with the Taigen gun smoke generator.

  • Knowledge base: Connection of turret components (09.12.2021)

    A new post in the knowledge base: how to correctly connect the turret components of the different tank types to FusionX? This guide currently covers HengLong BB (TK6.x/TK7.x), HengLong RRZ, Taigen servo turret and Tamiya.

  • Generation change: introducing ElMod FusionX and ElMod 4WD (10.11.2021)

    We proudly present a new generation of ElMod products. The universal central unit for models with two drive motors ElMod FusionX replaces the previous successful ElMod Fusion ECO and ElMod Fusion PRO. The particularly compact ElMod 4WD is designed for models with a drive motor and replaces ElMod 3to and ElMod Puma.

    In addition, there are a number of exciting enhancements for the new products:

    • FX Expander brings three servo terminals and multiple lighting functions, including turn signals
    • FX Battle is an adapter board for connecting Battle options from Tamiya, Taigen and HengLong
    • FX SBus allows the use of an SBus-capable radio with up to 16 channels
    • FX Stabi is a 2-axis weapon stabilization for modern tanks. This extension is currently under development.

    Modelers who have come to love and appreciate our successful ElMod Fusion ECO and ElMod Fusion PRO central processing unit will feel right at home with ElMod FusionX and ElMod 4WD. The handling, driving behavior and configuration remain largely the same.

    For the insiders, here is an overview of the features compared to ElMod Fusion ECO and ElMod Fusion PRO:

    • 25% smaller and only half the height of ElMod Fusion PRO. ElMod FusionX will also fit vertically on the side plate in most models.
    • No distinction between a PRO and an ECO version
      • 8 channel
      • Volume via supplied potentiometer or via the radio system
    • Modular design. For the vast majority of customers, everything is included: turret control, control of various tube recoil systems, smoker control with separate smoke generation and fan, separate and individually dimmable connections for front lighting and tail/brake lights, muzzle flash and MG flash, powerful 15A motor drivers. If this is not enough, new features can be added via expansions:
      • Servos and additional light functions
      • Use of SBus-capable radio equipment
      • Connection of various Battle options
    • The motor drivers have been revised. Modern ICs from the automotive sector enable high-frequency control beyond the audible limit.
    • Configurable control. Apart from the basic functions such as driving, turret rotation and gun elevation, all functions can be assigned almost freely to the available channels.

    ElMod Fusion 4WD is designed for single-engine models with steering axle. This includes cars, trucks and half tracks. It replaces the previous ElMod 3to. Technically, however, it is a ElMod FusionX that has been scaled down again and reduced by unneeded connectors:

    • 8 channels when using an analog receiver
    • Volume via supplied potentiometer or via the radio system
    • Modular design. On the board, in addition to the 10A rated motor driver and the usual connections for the sound and USB dongle, is a connection for a steering servo and separate and individually dimmable connections for front lighting and taillight / brake light. If that’s not enough, the FX Expander mentioned above expands the servo and light functions. FX SBusallows elegant and space-saving connection for an SBus-enabled radio system with up to 16 channels.
    • As with ElMod FusionX, the control is almost freely configurable.

    Here is the size comparison to ElMod Fusion PRO

  • Update for ElMod App v.1.11 (Win/Mac) (03.11.2021)
    • Bugfix where the display update did not work after a certain time is fixed.
    • New function: If you press Ctrl+V while connected, the voltage history of the last 2 minutes is displayed. Helpful to check if the battery has enough power to drive the motors in heavy terrain.

  • Firmware update 2.05f (24.10.2021)

    Fusion ECO/PRO
    – AA shot works now correctly

  • Firmware update 2.05e (21.10.2021)

    Fusion ECO/PRO
    – Smoke emission during startup is calculated correctly

  • Firmware update 2.05d (17.10.2021)

    Fusion ECO/PRO
    – Fixed an issue where it was possible to shoot yourself through IR under certain circumstances.

  • Firmware update 2.05c (23.09.2021)

    – A new parameter added: the sound volume of battle sounds may be changed (customer request).

  • Firmware update 2.05 (16.04.2021)

    Fusion ECO/PRO
    – A new parameter to delay the shot flash and shot sound from the recoil mechanics. This is necessary for some rare hardware combinations of Taigen and HengLong components so that the firing sequence appears synchronous.

  • A contribution how to attach the Torro servo based turret (08.03.2021)

    A contribution has been published in the knowledge base in which the connection of the Torro tower with servo drives is explained.

  • Firmware update 2.04 (08.03.2021)

    Fusion ECO/PRO – Compatibility for Torro servo based turret (elevation) Fusion PRO – Servo functions for horizontal and vertical gun movement stores the last position so that the servos do not return to the neutral position after restarting – Servo functions extended by a parameter for shifting the neutral position

  • Updated sounds for Leopard 2 and Bovington Tiger (05.01.2021)

    Madmike69 has updated two sound sets for the firmware 2.03c: Leopard 2 and Bovington Tiger

  • New sound set: Panzer IV Ausf.G (Munster) (06.12.2020)

    A new sound set made by madmike69: Panzer IV Ausf.G from Munster. For best experience, a firmware 2.03c or newer is required.

  • Firmware update 2.03c (29.11.2020)

    A change in the sound generation necessary for a new sound set made by madmike69

  • ElMod App Compatible with MacOS 11.0 Big Sur and Apple computers with ARM M1-CPU (20.11.2020)

    Good news for all Apple users. The ElMod App is compatible with the new operating system MacOS 11.0 Big Sur and the new Apple devices with an ARM M1 CPU.

  • Android App available in German language (30.10.2020)

    The ElMod App for Android is now available in German language

  • Firmware update 2.03a (27.10.2020)

    Fusion PRO
    – New servo function: “elevation (ESC)”. A customer request from Uwe Z.

  • A review of the Fusion PRO has been published on Rad Industries (14.04.2020)

    Rad Schuhart has written a detailed report about the Fusion PRO in his english blog.

  • Firmware update 2.02c (25.03.2020)

    Fusion ECO/PRO/Puma
    – While spin turn, some sound sets played a wrong sound for a fraction of a second when the stick was released. Problem is solved.

  • Adapter for the battle option of the HengLong® TK-6.x available (18.03.2020)

    An adapter allows the use of the Battle Option of a tank originally equipped with the HengLong® TK-6.x with the ElMod Fusion. The sensor mushroom and the transmitter LED are simply plugged in. A LED ring indicates a hit.

  • Adapter for HengLong® TK-6.x tank is available (18.03.2020)

    A small adapter simplifies the connection of a HengLong® tank, which was originally equipped with the TK-6.x electronics. The plugs for turret rotation, gun elevation, firing mechanism, front lights and MG muzzle flash can be plugged quickly and easily onto the adapter.

  • Firmware update 2.02b (17.03.2020)

    Fusion ECO/PRO/Puma
    – Bugfix: The brake light didn’t work properly in 2.02a BETA.
    – Bugfix: The central unit doesn’t freeze any more when the ElMod App has been started and the content of the SD card has been updated.

  • Challenger 2 sound update (16.03.2020)

    The sound set for the Challenger 2 tank has been improved and updated.

  • Am improved M1 soundset (24.02.2020)

    Matching the firmware update 2.02 comes a revised soundset for the M1 Abrams. Thanks to madmike69!

  • Firmware update 2.02a BETA (22.02.2020)

    Fusion ECO/PRO/Puma – Optional increase of the pitch of the engine at idle speed when the turret is rotating – Optional flickering of the lighting when igniting the main engine. Thanks to Willem Reij for the idea! – Change of the sound playback mode for engine brakes to improve the quality of the soundsets for modern tanks

  • ElMod supports the UN Refugee Agency (11.02.2020)

    For spare parts orders up to approx. 20 Euro we deliver the desired parts free of charge against a donation to UN Refugee Agency.
    How does it work?
    – You send us an inquiry about the parts you need.
    – You receive the amount to donate to the UN Refugee Agency.
    – You send us a photo or screenshot of the actuated bank transfer.
    – We will now send you the spare parts free of charge.

  • Firmware update 2.01d (26.01.2020)

    Fusion ECO/PRO/Puma
    – If a vehicle is destroyed and hit again in Hardcode mode during battle, the explosion sound is played again (customer request)
    – The calculation of the pitch increase of the motor during acceleration corrected

  • ElMod has a new face (14.01.2020)

    Tidier, more modern and clearer. ElMod website has been completely revised and is now online.

  • New sound sets added (24.12.2019)

    New sound sets made by madmike69: Chieftain, T-72 and an update for the Leopard 2.

  • ElMod M16 v.2 introduced (18.10.2019)

    ElMod M16 v.2 for the current Torro M16 halftrack is available.

  • ElMod App goes Google Play Store (30.09.2019)

    The ElMod App for Android is available in the Google Play Store.

  • Firmware update 2.01c (24.09.2019)

    Fusion ECO/PRO/Puma
    -when using an overlay gearbox, the shot recoil simulation by the chassis is executed

  • Firmware update 2.01b (19.09.2019)

    Fusion ECO/PRO/Puma
    – a new click sound is played when light is being switched on or off. Also applies to activation/deactivation of the smoker function or a servo function. (Thanks to Rad Draven for this suggestion!)
    – Bugfix: Servo function 3 couldn’t be activated in the ElModApp
    – Bugfix: when stopping from spin turn a wrong sound has been played (thanks to Michael Holzbach for the hint!)
    – The number of user sounds is tripled to 24.
    – The number of user functions is doubled (8 for Fusion PRO, 4 for Fusion ECO)
    – Correction of a bug in 2.00j where a receiver was not detected if it was not connected from the moment of power-on
    – Selection of the barrel recoil options in the ElMod App clarified
    – When updating/downgrading to a 2.xx firmware, the settings are no longer reset

  • Firmware update 2.00j (20.08.2019)

    Fusion ECO/PRO
    – Functionality added necessary to control the vehicle using the Andriod App
    – improved fail safe detection
    – fixes for problems with selecting a sample set with the ElMod App
    – several small fixes for the battle functionality
    – the current battle setting is now shown correctly for Fusion Rev.A to E

  • New soundset for JS2 tank added (04.04.2019)

    A new sound set of a JS2 tank made by madmike69.

  • Introduced LED Booster (08.03.2019)

    The LED Flash Booster is available. It is designed for easy use of extra bright white LEDs as muzzle flash.

  • Video AA action released (28.12.2018)

    A short demo video showing possible weapon control on AA-guns

  • Firmware update 2.00d (16.11.2017)

    Fusion ECO/PRO
    – Reset to factory settings also resets the current sample set
    – bugfix for faulty steering for overlay gearboxes
    – bugfix where the 1st gear hasn’t be activated when accelerating very gently
    – battle timing changed for compatibility with IBU
    – several bugfixes for the vehicle control using the ElMod App
    sound set format changed so that no zip files are used any more
    – sound sets may be changed with the ElMod app
    – Failsafe function when controlling the tank via PC/Tablet stops the vehicle in case that there was no new data after 5 seconds
    – reworked support for USB/Bluetooth