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  • A review of the Fusion PRO has been published on Rad Industries (14.04.2020)

    Rad Schuhart has written a detailed report about the Fusion PRO in his english blog.

  • Firmware update 2.02c (25.03.2020)

    Fusion ECO/PRO/Puma
    – While spin turn, some sound sets played a wrong sound for a fraction of a second when the stick was released. Problem is solved.

  • Adapter for the battle option of the HengLong® TK-6.x available (18.03.2020)

    An adapter allows the use of the Battle Option of a tank originally equipped with the HengLong® TK-6.x with the ElMod Fusion. The sensor mushroom and the transmitter LED are simply plugged in. A LED ring indicates a hit.

  • Adapter for HengLong® TK-6.x tank is available (18.03.2020)

    A small adapter simplifies the connection of a HengLong® tank, which was originally equipped with the TK-6.x electronics. The plugs for turret rotation, gun elevation, firing mechanism, front lights and MG muzzle flash can be plugged quickly and easily onto the adapter.

  • Firmware update 2.02b (17.03.2020)

    Fusion ECO/PRO/Puma
    – Bugfix: The brake light didn’t work properly in 2.02a BETA.
    – Bugfix: The central unit doesn’t freeze any more when the ElMod App has been started and the content of the SD card has been updated.

  • Challenger 2 sound update (16.03.2020)

    The sound set for the Challenger 2 tank has been improved and updated.

  • Am improved M1 soundset (24.02.2020)

    Matching the firmware update 2.02 comes a revised soundset for the M1 Abrams. Thanks to madmike69!

  • Firmware update 2.02a BETA (22.02.2020)

    Fusion ECO/PRO/Puma – Optional increase of the pitch of the engine at idle speed when the turret is rotating – Optional flickering of the lighting when igniting the main engine. Thanks to Willem Reij for the idea! – Change of the sound playback mode for engine brakes to improve the quality of the soundsets for modern tanks

  • ElMod supports the UN Refugee Agency (11.02.2020)

    For spare parts orders up to approx. 20 Euro we deliver the desired parts free of charge against a donation to UN Refugee Agency.
    How does it work?
    – You send us an inquiry about the parts you need.
    – You receive the amount to donate to the UN Refugee Agency.
    – You send us a photo or screenshot of the actuated bank transfer.
    – We will now send you the spare parts free of charge.

  • Firmware update 2.01d (26.01.2020)

    Fusion ECO/PRO/Puma
    – If a vehicle is destroyed and hit again in Hardcode mode during battle, the explosion sound is played again (customer request)
    – The calculation of the pitch increase of the motor during acceleration corrected