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Firmware update 2.01b

Fusion ECO/PRO/Puma
– a new click sound is played when light is being switched on or off. Also applies to activation/deactivation of the smoker function or a servo function. (Thanks to Rad Draven for this suggestion!)
– Bugfix: Servo function 3 couldn’t be activated in the ElModApp
– Bugfix: when stopping from spin turn a wrong sound has been played (thanks to Michael Holzbach for the hint!)
– The number of user sounds is tripled to 24.
– The number of user functions is doubled (8 for Fusion PRO, 4 for Fusion ECO)
– Correction of a bug in 2.00j where a receiver was not detected if it was not connected from the moment of power-on
– Selection of the barrel recoil options in the ElMod App clarified
– When updating/downgrading to a 2.xx firmware, the settings are no longer reset