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Generation change: introducing ElMod FusionX and ElMod 4WD

We proudly present a new generation of ElMod products. The universal central unit for models with two drive motors ElMod FusionX replaces the previous successful ElMod Fusion ECO and ElMod Fusion PRO. The particularly compact ElMod 4WD is designed for models with a drive motor and replaces ElMod 3to and ElMod Puma.

In addition, there are a number of exciting enhancements for the new products:

  • FX Expander brings three servo terminals and multiple lighting functions, including turn signals
  • FX Battle is an adapter board for connecting Battle options from Tamiya, Taigen and HengLong
  • FX SBus allows the use of an SBus-capable radio with up to 16 channels
  • FX Stabi is a 2-axis weapon stabilization for modern tanks. This extension is currently under development.

Modelers who have come to love and appreciate our successful ElMod Fusion ECO and ElMod Fusion PRO central processing unit will feel right at home with ElMod FusionX and ElMod 4WD. The handling, driving behavior and configuration remain largely the same.

For the insiders, here is an overview of the features compared to ElMod Fusion ECO and ElMod Fusion PRO:

  • 25% smaller and only half the height of ElMod Fusion PRO. ElMod FusionX will also fit vertically on the side plate in most models.
  • No distinction between a PRO and an ECO version
    • 8 channel
    • Volume via supplied potentiometer or via the radio system
  • Modular design. For the vast majority of customers, everything is included: turret control, control of various tube recoil systems, smoker control with separate smoke generation and fan, separate and individually dimmable connections for front lighting and tail/brake lights, muzzle flash and MG flash, powerful 15A motor drivers. If this is not enough, new features can be added via expansions:
    • Servos and additional light functions
    • Use of SBus-capable radio equipment
    • Connection of various Battle options
  • The motor drivers have been revised. Modern ICs from the automotive sector enable high-frequency control beyond the audible limit.
  • Configurable control. Apart from the basic functions such as driving, turret rotation and gun elevation, all functions can be assigned almost freely to the available channels.

ElMod Fusion 4WD is designed for single-engine models with steering axle. This includes cars, trucks and half tracks. It replaces the previous ElMod 3to. Technically, however, it is a ElMod FusionX that has been scaled down again and reduced by unneeded connectors:

  • 8 channels when using an analog receiver
  • Volume via supplied potentiometer or via the radio system
  • Modular design. On the board, in addition to the 10A rated motor driver and the usual connections for the sound and USB dongle, is a connection for a steering servo and separate and individually dimmable connections for front lighting and taillight / brake light. If that’s not enough, the FX Expander mentioned above expands the servo and light functions. FX SBusallows elegant and space-saving connection for an SBus-enabled radio system with up to 16 channels.
  • As with ElMod FusionX, the control is almost freely configurable.

Here is the size comparison to ElMod Fusion PRO