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ElMod 3to Halftrack

The central unit with particularly small dimensions for a 3-ton truck (e.g. Opel Blitz) or similar models with one drive motor. Requires a radio system with 3 channels.

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The ElMod 3to Truck Module is a high integrated control and sound unit for a 3-tons truck model such as the model Opel® Blitz® von AsiaTam®


  • A functional model of a 3-tonner with an appropriate 7.2 V DC motor.
  • A common 40 MHz or 2.4 GHz RC-gear with at least two channels. To be able to use all functions a three channels radio and receiver is required.
  • An appropriate high current battery (6- oder 7-cells NiCd, NiMh or a 2S LiPo).
  • A steering servo (max. current 0.9 A).

Scope of delivery

  • 3to Truck Module PCB and all necessary cables (receiver cable, cables for three light sources, loudspeaker cable), a volume controller and a microSD card with several sound sets.
  • ElMod USB dongle: a connection cable for a Windows® or Apple® computer for customization of all parameters of the vehicle.
    • Details


      • A 10 A (20 A peak current) short circuit and overload protected driver for a DC motor for the truck’s engine.
      • ElMod physics engine 2.0: a realistic driving experience of commanding a truck by simulation of mass inertia. Acceleration, deceleration, maximum speed and gear shift are simulated.
      • All parameters of the physics engine are adjustable with the free ElMod App.
      • Steering: a common servo is directly connected with the receiver.


      • Three lighting channels: front lights, combined rear lights with brakelight, blackout light.
      • The lighting may be switched on and off with the radio (front lights and rear lights on, blackout light on, all lights off).
      • The brightness of each light channel can be individually adjusted by the free elMod App.
      • For each light one or two LEDs may be connected without further effort, no external resistors or other parts are necessary.
      • The light connection is short circuit protected. The LEDs can’t be damaged by false polarity.
      • Included color-coded cables with polarity reversal protection for the light connection.


      • Integrated, polyphone sound unit plays multiple different sounds simultanously
      • Various sound events: several motor start sounds with distinction between coldstart and warmstart, several engine off sounds. Engine sounds for the movement with simulated gear change, distinguishing between acceleration, cruising and braking. Optional collateral driving noises such as chassis squeal and optional surrounding noises. Up to three sounds that can be triggered anytime by the user, for example a horn.
      • Seperate volume control of every soundtype and extensive configuration of the sound parameters with the free ElMod App.
      • All sample sets are stored on a microSD card. Sound set selection with the included Sound Manager.
      • Integrated audio amplifier for the connection of a 8 Ohm loudspeaker.


      • Control with a common RC gear (radio and receiver, 40 MHz or 2.4 GHz) with at least two channels (acceleration and steering). An optional third channel can be used for light control and for triggering user defined sounds. The receiver doesn’t need an additional battery.
      • Operation with NiCd-, NiMh- or LiPo-Batteries with a voltage between 7.2 V and 8.4 V. Under voltage shut down for protection against deep discharge.
      • Compact dimensions (67 mm x 40 mm; 2,6″ x 1,6″) permit installation in small-sized spaces