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Connection of a Torro servo based turret to an ElMod Fusion

Current Torro tanks have a turret equipped with two servo motors. The electronics built into the turret do not allow differentiation between raising and lowering and cannot alter the speed of the gun movement. When connected to an ElMod Fusion, the servo does not move at all or merely twitches.

Except for gun elevation, all other functions can be used as usual.

With firmware version 2.04, there are two ways to use the elevation function for the Fusion PRO, and one way with Fusion ECO. This is now how to proceed:

  • Make sure that your Fusion central unit has the correct firmware version (2.04 or higher). It is the case if your board has been shipped from Q2 2021.
  • Start the ElMod App and load the profile “TorroServoElevation.xml”. This will make all the necessary settings.

Solution 1: For Fusion ECO and PRO

After loading the profile, the elevation function can be used immediately, without any further changes to the wiring. However, the restrictions set by the turret electronics apply: the gun can only be moved in one direction (after the upper reversal point, the gun lowers. After the lower reversal point it rises again) and the speed of the movement is constant.

Solution 2: For Fusion PRO

Here the turret electronics are bypassed and the servo is operated directly by the Fusion PRO. After loading the profile “TorroServoElevation.xml” the settings of the third servo is already configured. Now the wiring changes shown on the pictures have to be done. After that the gun elevation is fully proportional and the gun can be moved in both directions.
Unfortunately, the servo used does not provide an optimal motion pattern. Especially during downward movement, the servo tends to jerk. A servo noise can often be heard in the idle position. There are very few servos on the market that are capable of implementing very slow movements cleanly. In the size class used in the tower there are no possibilities at all. Alternatives are HiTec servos of the D series (MD250MW, D930SW, D945SW).

Modification of the cabling on the Fusion PRO
Modification of the cabling in the turret