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FX Expander

ElMod FX Expander expands an ElMod FusionX or ElMod 4WD central unit with servo connections and additional lighting functions.

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ElMod FX Expander expands an ElMod FusionX or an
ElMod 4WD to include turn signal functionality, three additional switchable light sources, and three servo connections.

Scope of delivery

  • ElMod FX Expander Board
  • Six cables for connecting additional light sources


  • 3x servo connector (with ElMod 4WD two usable) for multiple servo functions
    • Steering with adjustable, speed-dependent steering angle
    • Horizontal or vertical aiming of the main gun
    • Barrel recoil simulation with separately adjustable retraction and extension speeds
    • Hatch or wiper function to control moving parts of the model
    • Servo reversal, separately adjustable left and right servo stop
  • Indicator with two LEDs each for left or right turn signal. Warning flasher function.
  • Two more switchable light channels with two LEDs per light channel
  • Another switchable light channel for one LED
  • Muzzle flash for an auxiliary MG (with ElMod 4WD: main MG) with adjustable flashing frequency
  • Configurable state of the light channels after the vehicle is switched on
  • By parallel or series connection of the LEDs, more than two or one LED per light channel can be connected


  • Very simple connection: just plug in a connector. The FX Expander is automatically detected by the central unit
  • Hot plug-in: connect and disconnect during operation
  • Compact dimensions (40 mm x 23 mm / 1.6″ x 0.9″)