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FX Battle

ElMod FX Battle is an add-on to the ElMod FusionX central unit. It allows the use of an IR battle option from Tamiya®, HengLong® or Taigen®. This allows infrared battles to be fought between models equipped with a Tamiya® compatible battle system.

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Scope of delivery

  • ElMod FX Battle board


  • Connector for a Tamiya Battle Unit®
  • Two connectors for HengLong® TK6.x/TK7.x-compatible battle option
  • One connector for Taigen® V1 Battleoption. For Taigen® V3 the sensor apple must be modified. This requires simple soldering work.


  • Very simple connection: just plug in a connector. The FX Battle is automatically detected by the central unit
  • Hot plugin: connect and disconnect while running
  • Smallest dimensions (30 mm x 18 mm / 1.2″ x 0.7″)