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ElMod FX SBus is an adapter for connecting a SBus compatible receiver to an ElMod FusionX or ElMod 4WD central unit.

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The ElMod FX SBus is connected between an ElMod FusionX or ElMod 4WD and an SBus-compatible (D16 protocol) receiver. This allows the central unit to be controlled with up to 16 channels:

  • Channels 1 to 4 for the basic functions (driving and turret)
  • Channels 5 to 15 can be assigned a total of 44 functions (four functions per channel)
  • Channels 5 to 7 are already preassigned (e.g. shot, MG, light, turn signal, starter). However, the assignment can be changed as desired.
  • Channel 16 for an optional volume control

The ElMod FX SBus cannot be used together with the ElMod FX Stabi.

Scope of delivery

  • ElMod FX SBus board


  • Very simple connection: just plug in a connector. The FX SBus is automatically detected by the central processing unit
  • Hot plugin: connect and disconnect during operation
  • Smallest dimensions (15 mm x 15 mm / 0.6″ x 0.6″)